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Westringia 'Morning Light'

Westringia fruticosa 'Morning Light'

ORIGIN: The origin of Westringia 'Morning Light', a form of Westringia fruticosa, is obscure. The earliest record of this name held by the ACRA were plants seen in a Canberra nursery in November 1981. It is presumed that the name refers to the paler colour of the variegated foliage. The cultivar was never formally submitted for registration, but was freely available and hence described and registered by ACRA.

DESCRIPTION: This cultivar grows to 1m tall by up to 1m wide. It is a relatively compact shrub. The leaves are variegated, and the variegation is fairly consistent, in the form of a narrow band around the margin of the leaf. The flowering is not as prolific as it is for the usual form of the species.

DIAGNOSIS: Westringia 'Morning Light' is easily distinguished because of the variegated foliage.

CULTIVATION: This cultivar has been available under a variety of names since it was first introduced, including W. fruticosa (variegated), W. fruticosa (variegated form) and Westringia 'Morning Light'. As for W. fruticosa, it is a most hardy plant that performs well in a variety of situations. It is useful as an accent plant in amongst other plants. The variegation appears to be very stable, with little to no reversion to normal foliage. It must be propagated by vegetative means to preserve the cultivar form.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966

Inner section of leaf: Yellow-Green Group 147B

Outer edge of leaf: Yellow Group 4C.

ACRA REFERENCES: ACC545; ACRA470/475; CBG9007170/9009025.