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Acacia 'Purpurea'

Acacia baileyana 'Purpurea'

ORIGIN: Acacia 'Purpurea' has been in cultivation for many years as selected variant(s) of Acacia baileyana with deep purple new growth. The origin is unknown, though naturally occurring and naturalised plants occur with varying degrees of colour in the new growth. Variants have not only varying degrees of colour in the new growth but the length of the growth can range from 1-2cm to 30cm long.

CULTIVATION NOTE: Propagation of this form has been by seed. Seed growing results in different degrees and length of the coloured new growth, but this is how the selections that occur under this name are made. Vegetative propagation is possible but only with some difficulty. Acacia 'Purpurea' is useful in providing foliage contrast in larger landscapes. Please note that the normal form of this species is widely grown and has become a naturalised weed in many areas of Australia. Care should be taken not to grow this species in nearby vicinity to areas of remnant vegetation or natural reserve areas. This is especially so in the Southern Tablelands of Australia.