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Philotheca 'Kangaroo Gully Crimson'

Philotheca verrucosa 'Kangaroo Gully Crimson'

ORIGIN : Philotheca 'Kangaroo Gully Crimson' was first described as a colour variant of Philotheca verrucosa in 'Wildflowers of Bendigo' by the Bendigo Field Naturalists Club Inc. in 1988. It was collected in 1993 and brought into cultivation. It was submitted for registration by Kerrie Norris of Golden Square, Victoria in September 1996. The name derives from the geographical region where it was located and the red/purple colour of its buds and flowers.

DESCRIPTION: This selection is a low shrub (40-90cm high by 25-60cm wide). Young plants are compact with dense foliage, becoming more open as the plant ages. The flowers are profuse and ca. 1.5cm diameter. Flowering is in August/September.

DIAGNOSIS: P. verrucosa'Kangaroo Gully Crimson' is distinguished from P. verrucosa by its much stronger flower colour.

CULTIVATION NOTES: The cultivar has grown successfully at M.Sprague's 'Goldfields Revegetation Nursery' since 1993. It grows naturally in poor ridgetop clay soils in a Box/Ironbark forest association. It is believed to be extremely hardy, having survived sustained drought and severe frost. In its natural habitat plant size is very variable due to heavy grazing by macropods, but it responds well in cultivation with strong growth.

PREVIOUS PUBLICATION: 'Wildflowers of Bendigo' By Bendigo Field Naturalists Club Inc., 1988.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1966.

- Petals upper surface: Red-Purple Group 58D/66D

- Lower surface: Red/Purple 60A/B (tips)

- Buds: Red-Purple Group 60/AB

- Leaves: Green Group 137B