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Grevillea 'Woori Wanderer'

Grevillea (laurifolia x acanthifolia) 'Woori Wanderer'

ORIGIN: This is a prostrate form believed to be a hybrid between Grevillea laurifolia and G. acanthifolia. It was first selected by D and M Darbyshire in 1990. The name is derived from the district - Woori Yallock, upper Yarra Valley.

DESCRIPTION: This is a prostrate form spreading to 2.5m. The foliage is dense, new growth is reddish in colour. The flowers are red. Flowering is October /December and again in March.

DIAGNOSIS: The leaf shape is the same as G.laurifolia and in the same proportions while it also retains the reddish new growth of that species. However, ' Woori Wanderer' also has foliage similar to G. x gaudichaudi interspersed among the laurifolia-like leaves.

COLOUR CODE : RHS Colour Code 1966

Style: 60A(Red-purple)
Stigma: close to 151A
Perianth: 61A-60D with red or white hairs
Leaf upper: close to137A (Green), 176A-D new growth (greyed/orange)
Leaf lower: close to 146B

CULTIVATION: Is drought and frost tolerant.Frosts down to –6C have had no detrimental affect. Tolerates heavy clay soils and Is a good bird attracter.

PREVIOUS PUBLICATIONS: Australian Plants 21(170) 2002 As of 02/09/02