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Grevillea 'Ladelle'

NOTE:Trademarked as Grevillea 'Pink Flush'

ORIGIN: This cultivar originated in a garden in south-east Queensland, and is believed to be a first generation seedling of G. ‘Misty Pink’. The applicant is F. D. Mazzaferri on behalf of Neilsen’s Native Nursery, Loganholme, Queensland.

DESCRIPTION: Shrub to 5m, spreading to 4m. Flowering is almost continuous throughout the year. Flowers occur in terminal crowded cylindrical inflorescences c. 11-15cm long x 5cm diameter; perianth 10mm long x 3-4mm wide, outer surface has a moderately dense indumentum of appressed and erect wavy white hairs, subduing the flower colour. The inner surface is smooth and glabrous. The limb is covered in dense, erect wavy white hairs. The pistil is 32-38mm long; ovary sessile, covered in dense flattened white hairs; nectary prominent, burgundy in colour, with a prominently scalloped margin; style glabrous with a prominent hoof-like pollen- presenter. The foliage is open and is grey-green in colour. Leaves are pinnately divided into c.7-9 sub-opposite lobes; lobes linear -lanceolate c. 4-9mm wide, 40-8-mm long; overall leaf length c.11-17cm. Young leaves are grey-green on upper surface with an indumentum of semi-appressed white hairs most of which are shed on maturity. Mature leaves are dark green on the upper surface. The lower surface has a dense appressed indumentum of silvery white hairs.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is distinguished from its parent Grevillea ‘Misty Pink’ by the deeper colour of the flowers. Its closest comparator is Grevillea ‘Sylvia’ which is also a much paler pink.

CULTIVATION: Susceptible to cool temperatures and has only moderate to low drought hardiness so suitable for warm climates only.


Style: 63A-C (red-purple)

Stigma: 7A (yellow)

Perianth: mainly 63D-B grading to 63A (inner surface)

Receptacle: 194B (greyed green)

Leaf upper surface: close to 139A (green)

Leaf lower surface: close to 192B (greyed green)