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Correa 'Benara Bell'

ORIGIN: Correa ‘Benara Bell’ is believed to be a hybrid between Correa ‘Marion’s Marvel’ and Correa alba. It is claimed that two more or less identical individuals originated simultaneously from seedlings found in the gardens of Marion Beek, Naracoorte (S.A.), and Benara Road Nursery, Mt Gambier (S.A.), in 1990. It was introduced to trade by Philip Dowling. The name refers to the geographical location of the originating nursery. The applicant was Cherree Densley on behalf of the ASGAP Correa Study Group. Specimen first received by the Authority on 17th June 1999

DESCRIPTION: Erect spreading small shrub to c. 1.0 m x 2 m with a moderately dense habit. Branchlets finely tomentose with white and rust-coloured stellate hairs becoming green and sub glabrous with clusters of stellate hairs. Simple leaves cordate to elliptical, 20 mm x 15 mm. Leaf tips slightly acute to obtuse, leaf bases cordate, venation reticulate, margins slightly recurved. Upper surfaces of mature leaves dark green and coriaceous. Upper surfaces of young leaves minutely tomentose with white and rust-coloured stellate hairs. Lower surfaces pale green tomentose with minute white and rust-coloured stellate hairs. Corolla cylindrical 20 mm x 6 mm pale cream with a pink blush shading to green at the tips. Peak flowering is from May to August in most districts with spasmodic flowering throughout the year.

DIAGNOSIS: This cultivar is differentiated from Correa alba var. alba by the non-splitting corolla tube and length of flower as well as the shape and tomentum of the leaves. Correa 'Marion's Marvel' has larger flowers (23 mm x 10 mm) that are dominantly pink in colour grading to pale green tips. Although similar in flower colour to C. 'Ivory Bells', it is differentiated from that cultivar by leaf size. C. 'Ivory Bells' has much larger leaves (33 mm x 21 mm) than C. 'Benara Bell' although leaf shape and tomentum are similar. It is almost identical to C. 'Beek's Beauty' which originated in the garden of Marianne Beek in Naracoorte. Correa 'Beek's Beauty' is not widely grown and is unlikely to be presented for registration. The form being registered is that which arose spontaneously in Phillip Dowling's garden (Benara Road Nursery).

COLOUR CODE: R.H.S. Colour Chart 1995


Corolla tube: Close to 36D, tips and lower half 145C

Leaf - upper surface: 139A

Leaf- lower surface: 159B

CULTIVATION: This cultivar is hardy and decorative. It is drought and frost tolerant and resistant to most pests and diseases. It has a moderately dense growth habit and will tolerate shady conditions but flowers best in dappled sun. It is bird attractive and easy to grow from cuttings. It would suit most gardens and a variety of soil types. Its hardiness and low maintenance requirements are factors which would also be favourable for amenity and public planting such as shopping centres. It has been trialed for over 8 years and is commercially available in the nursery trade.