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Grevillea 'Long John'

Grevillea longistyla x johnsonii 'Long John'

ORIGIN: This cultivar was selected out of a seedling lot from Queensland, grown and propagated by Rodger Elliot. It may be a hybrid between Grevillea longistyla and G.johnsonii. It has been sold for many years, especially in Victoria as G.longistyla. Recently it has been sold in Queensland and to a lesser extent in New South Wales as Grevillea ‘Elegance’. This is causing confusion with Grevillea ‘Poorinda Elegance’ which is already registered with ACRA. It has been previously mentioned in the Grevillea Book Vol. 12 p247.

DESCRIPTION: A mid dense, upright shrub ca. 2-3m x 2-3m. Leaves deeply divided ca. 25cm long with approximately 3-6 long linear lobes 2-3mm wide, dark green upper, appressed silver/white hairs below. Flowers in erect terminal and axillary simple inflorescence, 3-7cm long. Individual flowers are approximately 55 x 12mm. Flowering is from September through to April. Perianth sparsely covered with small glandular hair, ca. 14mm x 11mm. Pistil ca. 46mm long with a few appressed silky hairs for about the first 10mm, then glabrous; pollen presenter large (3-4mm) and flattened.

DIAGNOSIS: Midway in habit between the open habit of G.longistyla and the dense, branching habit of G.johnsonii. Leaves are also midway between these species. They are mostly divided as in G.johnsonii, but with the silvery under-surface exposed as in G.longistyla. The floral rachis is 3-7cm compared to less than 5cm for G.johnsonii, 8-15cm for G.longistyla.

CULTIVATION: This cultivar is far more adaptable than G.longistyla, and a showier and more attractive plant than G.johnsonii. It flowers freely from a young age, even while in a pot. It is unreliable on its own roots in new South Wales and Queensland where it should be grafted. However, it is extremely hardy on its own roots in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1995.

Perianth: Pink 51a
Style: Red 46a
Leaves: Dark green 147a