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Grevillea 'Little Jessie'

Grevillea (asparagoides x calliantha) 'Little Jessie'

ORIGIN: Grevillea ‘Little Jessie’ is a hybrid between Grevillea asparagoides and G.calliantha. Its is named after the originators daughter. The originator and applicant is Mr Stephen Smart, on behalf of the Grevillea Study Group. Date of application 9 th December 1998.

DESCRIPTION: A dense, grey-green, infertile shrub 2-4 m high 2-4 m wide. Branchletsascending, angular in cross-section, ribbed, slender, densely white silky-tomentose with brownish-green striations. Leaves2.5-3.2 cm long, 1.8-2.4 cm wide, obovate, trisect ; leaf lobes 3, slightly pungent, grey-green; texture leathery. Conflorescenceterminal or subterminal, mainly on the upper parts of the branch. Flowers: p erianth8.5 mm long, 2.2 mm wide, p istil30 mm long, style 27-28 mm long. Flower colour: buds grey-green, perianth pale-pink outside, the upper tepals deep red inside; limb creamy-yellow; style and style-end red; pollen-presenter yellowish; overall effect is apricot-pink . Flowering occurs from July through to January.

DIAGNOSIS : G. asparagoides differs in its open, cylindrical inflorescences with glandular hairs.

Similar hybrids: Grevillea ‘Winpara Gold’.
G. ‘Winpara Gold has leaves twice-divided, perianths glabrous on the outside, hairy on the inside and yellow styles.

CULTIVATION : Plants have withstood both extremely dry summers and wet winters with no adverse effects. It has been in cultivation for 13 years at Stawell.

Colour Code: RHS Chart 1995

Style: 60D-60B
Stigma: 35C
Perianth: 162D
Leaf: upper 137A, lower 146A

REFERENCE: ACC751, ACRA699, CBG9913980