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Correa ‘Marianne’

Correa ‘Marianne’

ORIGIN: Result of controlled breeding process carried out by Jim Hartshorne in Canberra in the late 1960s and sent to Marianne Beek (well known Correa grower in South Australia). Applicant Maria Hitchcock on behalf of the Correa Study Group.

DESCRIPTION: Upright medium-sized shrub to approximately 1.5 m x 1.5 m with a moderately open habit. Branchlets sparsely tomentose with tan-coloured stellate hairs becoming brown and glabrous with age. Long internodes up to 48 mm add to the openness of the foliage. Simple elliptical leaves, 27 mm x 13 mm, petioles to 6 mm. Leaf apices acute, leaf bases oblique, venation reticulate, margins entire.Upper surfaces of mature leaves dark green and glabrous with defined pits (oil glands). Lower surfaces of mature leaves pale green and glabrous with occasional scattered white stellate hairs. Upper surfaces of young leaves mid green, glabrous with scattered white and tan stellate hairs becoming rust-coloured and more concentrated at margins. Lower surfaces of young leaves covered in dense tomentum of rust-coloured stellate hairs. Calyx hemispherical, apiculate, densely tomentose, pedicels tomentose up to 5 mm with tiny tomentose bracts at base of pedicel. Corolla cylindrical 20 mm x 7 mm, dull rose pink with a fine tomentum of rose coloured stellate hairs grading to almost transparent on the dull green tips. Tips of corolla not reflexed. Stamens markedly exserted 4 x 10 mm and 4 x 5 mm. Style longer than stamens 17 mm from margin of corolla. Anthers oblong spathulate, yellow-green, margins recurved. Flowering from October onwards in most districts and sporadic throughout the year.

DIAGNOSIS: This correa hybrid differs from all varieties of C. lawrenceana and from C. baeuerlenii. The leaves are closest in size to C. lawrenceana var. grampiana but the leaf tips differ. Leaf tips are acute as for C. baeuerlenii. The calyx of C. 'Marianne' has four distinct lobes similar to C. lawrenceana var glandulifera but is not as bulbous and is larger and is nothing like the distinctive calyx of C. baeuerlenii. Flower colour is pink and green. The only C. lawrenceana varieties which have red flowers are C. lawrenceana var. rosea and C. lawrenceana var. cordifolia. C. baeuerlenii has green flowers so the flower colour must come from the C. lawrenceana parent.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour chart 1995

Corolla: Corolla grading from 58D – 62D Tips 164B

Mature Leaves: 139A

CULTIVATION: This cultivar is vigorous in cultivation with a moderately open growth habit and flowers are displayed well. It is frost and drought hardy. Strikes easily from cuttings. Bird attractant. Suitable for most garden conditions including deep shade. Responds well to light pruning and should be pruned regularly to maintain a compact shape. Suitable for tub plantings and in mid-foreground planting in garden beds.