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Correa ' Federation Belle'


Origin: Chance seedling in the garden of Sarah Caldwell, Mole River Station, in the Torrington area in northern NSW. It is thought to be a hybrid between Correa ' Marion's Marvel' and perhaps a form of Correa reflexa var. speciosa. The name 'Federation Belle' was chosen to commemorate the Centenary of Federation in 2000. Applicant: Correa Study Group. Specimen received 2 nd May 2000.

Description: A small rounded shrub approximately 30 - 40 cm x 1m. Leaves dark-green, glabrous and slightly scabrous, cordate, 33 mm x 24 mm. Corolla cylindrical 28 mm x 13 mm, rose pink becoming pale green towards tips. Corolla tips barely reflexed. Flowering begins in late February and continues through autumn and early winter.

Diagnosis: Initially Correa ‘Federation Belle’ appeared to have some similarities to C. Marion’s Marvel however it is now clear that it has a closer affinity to C. reflexa var speciosa.

Correa 'Federation Belle' has a much larger flower than the forms of C. reflexa var speciosa which were growing in the garden at Mole River Station.

COLOUR CODE: RHS Colour Chart 1995

Corolla; lower third: 158A-B

upper two thirds: 54A

Leaf; upper: 137A

lower: 147D

Cultivation: This cultivar is fast-growing in cultivation and is very hardy, withstanding frost and drought. It is easy to strike from cuttings. Like other Correas, it attracts birds and responds well to tip-pruning. It is suitable for tub-planting as well as foreground planting in garden beds.


Registered January 2006