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Ellis Rowan Garden | Section 131

The plants displayed in this garden bed were selected by Gardens’ horticulturists to suit cool climate home gardens. They were all purchased from local commercial suppliers.

The shrubs are planted in groups to accentuate the flower and foliage effects. Most plants grow to less than one metre tall, but taller shrubs and dwarf eucalypts are used to provide some height variation.

The garden bed includes areas of built up soil to provide good drainage and an interesting change to the surface level. A simulated dry creek bed acts as natural drainage, creating ideal locations for those plants that occasionally need extra moisture.

A sandy gravel mix has been used as mulch. It doesn’t break down like organic mulch and allows good moisture penetration. The light colour tends to highlight foliage – an effective technique to emphasise small plants in dark or shady places.

A leaflet on Canberra region native plant nurseries is available from the Visitor Centre. The Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants website is also full of good information about Australian plants and where to buy them.

Gardens’ staff constructed the Ellis Rowan Building Garden in 2003 with financial support from the Friends of the Gardens.
Follow the links below to see photographs of the plants, and start planning your home garden now. 

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