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Acacia cultriformis

Horticulture - Weed control

Weeding in the open grounds of the Gardens is done by:

  • using mulch to smother the weeds
  • manual removal of weeds – by hand, gardening fork, hoe
  • application of herbicide around paths, around the edges of beds and directly on weeds

The herbicide for killing weeds includes a non-toxic red dye. This gives the horticulturists a visual aid to know where they have sprayed.

Safety precautions taken when spraying include:

  • wearing protective clothing and masks
  • not spraying when windy
  • not spraying near other people
  • not spraying near the ponds
  • aiming directly at the weeds, not spraying randomly

Due to staffing limitations and the relative inaccessibility of some areas it is impossible to remove all the weeds. The high visitation areas are kept relatively weed-free – especially around the Visitor Centre, Hudsons Café and the Main Walk.

Each year unwanted native plants that self-seed are taken out of the Gardens. This is more of a problem in the bushland areas, at the top of the Gardens and in the gullies. Plants targeted for removal include Sollya heterophylla and Acacia cultriformis.

Weed control in the nursery and glasshouses is achieved by:

  • steaming (pasteurising) the growing media to kill weed seeds and pathogens
  • practising good hygiene and sanitation to keep areas clean
  • manual weeding
  • using boiling water to kill weeds or remove moss from pavers
  • using pure white vinegar on weeds

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