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Heino Lepp's acknowledgements

There are various specific acknowledgements scattered through the website, in particular to those who supplied many of the illustrations. This page contains the more general acknowledgements.

Jim Croft and Christine Cargill raised the idea of a lichen website and the Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens funded the development. Naturally I am very grateful for the Friends' funding.

Judith Curnow and Jack Elix read and commented on the draft pages but any remaining errors are entirely mine.

Jack Elix loaned several books from his own library and obtained copies of various papers from the Australian National University library. Catherine Jordan, librarian at the Australian National Botanic Gardens, obtained loans or copies of literature unavailable in Canberra - and not yet on the internet.

Murray Fagg has given the website a pleasing layout, made various constructive suggestions and questioned the initially vague wording in several parts of the website.

Most of the photographs on this website pre-date the digital era and Cheryl Backhouse of the Australian National Botanic Gardens scanned and edited the 35mm transparencies.

Siobhan Duffy composed the striking montage on the website's home page.

Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens

This web site was sponsored by the Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, a non-profit support group for the Australian National Botanic Gardens. One of the objectives of the Friends is providing information and education to the community about growing, studying and promoting Australian plants.



(illust. right) A Ramalina species, also from Margaret Plues' book.