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APII jpeg image of Groutiellia tomentosa,<br/>Schlotheimia brownii,<br/>Schlotheimia funiformis  © contact APII©

Groutiellia tomentosa,
Schlotheimia brownii,
Schlotheimia funiformis

Photographer: See Illustrator
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Date Taken: Unknown
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Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: boa.254

A-I, Groutiella tomentosa. A, Branch leaf. B, Branch leaf with caducous tip. C, Habit of dry branch. D, Upper laminal cells. E, Leaf margin above base. F, Laminal cells at insertion, costa at right. G-I, T.S. of leaf from apex to base (D.Norris 43104 ALTA [Figs A,B,D,E,G-I]; H.Streimann 29398 CANB [Fig C]; D.Norris 43099 ALTA [Fig F]). J-R, Schlotheimia brownii. J,K, Habit. L, Dwarf male plant. M, Calyptra. N, Capsule. O, Branch leaf. P, Perichaetial leaf. Q, Upper laminal cells. R, Basal laminal cells (W.Schofield 79059 NSW [Figs J,K,M,N]; H.P.Ramsay s.n. NSW [Figs L,Q,R]; W.W.Watts 534 NSW [Figs O,P]). S-Y, Schlotheimia funiformis. S, Habit of dry branch. T, Branch leaf. U, Perichaetial leaf. V, Calyptra. W, Capsule. X, Upper laminal cells. Y, Basal laminal cells (H.Streimann 29105 CANB [Figs S,U-W]; holotype [Figs T,X,Y]). Scale bars: 1 mm for habit and leaves; 100 ?m for cellular drawings.
Figs A,B, D-I, O-R, T, X Y redrawn from D.H.Vitt & H.P.Ramsay,The Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory 59: 325-451 (1985) & D.H.Vitt, Bryologist 92: 282-298 (1989)

Illustrators: D. Mackay

Flora of Australia Vol 51 figure 20

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