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APII jpeg image of Polytrichadelphus magellanicus,<br/>Polytrichum commune,<br/>Polytrichum juniperinum  © contact APII©

Polytrichadelphus magellanicus,
Polytrichum commune,
Polytrichum juniperinum

Photographer: See Illustrator
Copyright holder: See Illustrator
Date Taken: Unknown
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Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: boa.270

A-E, Polytrichum commune. A, Leaf. B, Capsule. C, Immature capsule enclosed in hairy calyptra. D, Lamella in side view. E, T.S. of mid leaf (R.Hoogland 10022, CANB [Figs A,C-E]; N.Burbidge 3827, CANB [Fig B]). F-H, Polytrichum juniperinum. F, Leaf. G, Habit (dry specimen). H, T.S. of mid leaf (A.Moscal 17323, HO). I-M, Polytrichadelphus magellanicus. I, Capsule. J, Leaf. K, Lamella in side view. L, T.S. of mid-leaf. M, Habit (dry specimen) (D.Norris 27339, HO [Fig I]; I.Stone 3071, MEL [Figs J-M]). Use 200 ?m scale for D,E,H,K and L; 250 ?m scale for A,F and J; 500 ?m scale for B,C and I; and 10 mm scale for G and M.

Illustrators: I. Ahonen

Flora of Australia Vol 51 figure 15

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