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APII jpeg image of Gemmabryum coronatum,<br/>Gemmabryum dichotomum,<br/>Gemmabryum subapiculatum,<br/>Gemmabryum tenuisetum  © contact APII©

Gemmabryum coronatum,
Gemmabryum dichotomum,
Gemmabryum subapiculatum,
Gemmabryum tenuisetum

Photographer: See Illustrator
Copyright holder: See Illustrator
Date Taken: Unknown
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Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: boa.285

A-G, Gemmabryum subapiculatum. A, Habit with sporophyte (dry specimen). B, Leaf. C, Cells at leaf apex. D, Upper laminal cells. E, Basal laminal cells. F, Rhizoidal tuber. G, Peristome: exostome tooth (left); endostome with basal membrane and segment (right) (W.B.Schofield 98262, NSW). H-N, G. coronatum. H, Habit with sporophyte (dry specimen). I, Capsule. J, Leaf. K, Peristome: endostome with basal membrane segment and cilium (left); exostome tooth (right); L, Cells at leaf apex. M, Mid-laminal cells. N, Basal laminal cells (H.P.Ramsay R174, NSW). O-W, G. tenuisetum. O, Habit with sporophyte (dry specimen). P, Capsule. Q, Leaf. R, Cells at leaf apex. S, Rhizoidal tuber. T, Axillary bulbil. U, Marginal cells at mid-leaf. V, Mid-laminal cells; W, Basal laminal cells (I.G.Stone 1719, MEL). X-EE, G. dichotomum. X, Habit with sporophyte (dry specimen). Y, Capsule. Z, Leaf. AA, Cells at leaf apex. BB, Mid-leaf cells. CC, Basal laminal cells. DD, Peristome; exostome tooth (left); endostome basal membrane wtih cilium and segment (right). EE, Axillary bulbils (H.P.Ramsay 22/73, NSW). Scale bars: 1 mm for habit; 0.5 mm for leaves; 100 ?m for cellular drawings.

Illustrators: L. Eklan

Flora of Australia Vol 51 figure 42

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