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APII jpeg image of Sticherus flabellatus var. compactus,<br/>Sticherus lobatus,<br/>Dicranopteris linearis var. altissima,<br/>Sticherus milnei,<br/>Sticherus tener,<br/>Sticherus flabellatus var. flabellatus,<br/>Sticherus urceolatus,<br/>Dicranopteris linearis var. subferruginea,<br/>Dicranopteris linearis var. linearis  © contact APII©

Sticherus flabellatus var. compactus,
Sticherus lobatus,
Dicranopteris linearis var. altissima,
Sticherus milnei,
Sticherus tener,
Sticherus flabellatus var. flabellatus,
Sticherus urceolatus,
Dicranopteris linearis var. subferruginea,
Dicranopteris linearis var. linearis

Photographer: see Illustrator
Copyright holder: Other, see our image use page for details
Date Taken: 27 October 1998
Taken at:
Image Source: Australian Plant Image Index (APII) - Photo No.: foa.825

A-E , Dicranopteris . A-B , D. linearis var. linearis . A , habit; B , ultimate segment: enlargements to show sorus and minute glands (A-B , I.R.Telford 5678, AD). C-D , D. linearis var. altissima . C , ultimate fork of frond with accessory branches; D , ultimate segment: enlargement showing sori (C-D , D.E.Boyland 420, BRI). E , D. linearis var. subferruginea , ultimate segment: enlargement showing sorus and hairs (L.T.Brass & C.T.White 159, BRI). F-L , Sticherus . F-G , S. milnei . F , portion of lamina; G , ultimate segment: enlargements of undersurface and a scale (F-G , P.D.Bostock 1242, BRI). H , S. lobatus , ultimate segment; enlargement showing sorus (R.Melville 2828, AD). I , S. tener , ultimate segment; enlargement showing undersurface and scale (A.Moscal 10091, AD). J-K , S. flabellatus var. compactus . J , habit; K , ultimate segment; enlargement of undersurface (J-K , J.R.Clarkson 5621, QRS). L , S. flabellatus var. flabellatus , ultimate segment; enlargement of segment margin (N.Gibson 625, BRI). M , S. urceolatus , ultimate segment; enlargement of segment margin (A.E.Orchard 5307, AD).

Illustrators: G.R.M.Dashorst.

Flora of Australia Volume 48 (1998) figure 54.

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