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Climate Change
Australia's botanic gardens

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National and International Institutions and resources:

Australian Greenhouse Office

National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

Climate Action Network Australia

Australian Bureau of Meteorology
- Climate Information
- Climate Change

CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research

Australian Centre for Environmental Stress and Adaptation Research

United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (WMO + UNEP)

The Hadley Centre for Climate Change Prediction and Research (UK)

EPA Climate Change (USA)

Botanic Gardens Conservation International (UK)

Sites or articles relevant to climate change

National Biodiversity and Climate Change Action Plan 2004 - 2007 (Aust)

Living with Climate change - overview (Aust) [PDF]

Climate Change - An Australian Guide to the Science and Potential Impacts

CSIRO Climate change projections for Australia (2001) [PDF]

CSIRO Climate Change Impacts for Australia (2003) [PDF]

Stonger evidence but new challenges: climate change science 2001-2005 (Aust Greenhouse Office) [PDF]

National Briefing on the IPCC Working Group 2 Report - Sydney (Tue 10 April 2007)

Professor Steffen's 2007 presentation is now available on the EIANZ website under the ACT Division section.
The presentation is large (16 MB) as it contains all the slides from his excellent presentation.

Sites or articles of relevance to botanic gardens, herbaria, and plants

‘Phenological trends among Australian alpine species: using herbarium records to identify climate-change indicators’ by R.V. Gallagher, L. Highes and M.R. Leishman of Macquarie University . [Aust. J. Botany, 2009, 57,1-9]

The role of botanical gardens in climate change research - Primack & Miller-Rushing - from New Phytologist, January 2009 [PDF].

The National Strategy and Action Plan for the Role of Australia’s Botanic Gardens in Adapting to Climate Change - November 2008

Plants and Climate Change: which future? - BGCI Publication May 2008

National Strategy and Action Plan for the Role of Australia's Botanic Gardens in Adapting to Climate Change - July 2008 (Aust)

University of British Columbia Botanic Garden climate change web log (Can) [BLOG]

The Impacts of Climate Change on Gardens in the UK (UK)

Global Warming—Tracking the Effects of Climate Change on Plants (USA)

Plants and climate change - resources (UK)

Climate change and plant conservation - plant conservation strategies need to anticipate climate change (UK)

Potential impacts of climate change on the North American flora (USA)

Gardening in the Global Greenhouse (UK)

Impacts of Climate Change on Horticulture: Resources (USA)

Phenology (UK)

Environmental change and biogeography (UK)

Survey of what botanic gardens could do with respect to climate change issues July 2006 (BGCI Kew)

Climate Change Observations in Botanic Gardens Around the Globe March 2007 (BGCI Kew)

Phenology of cultivated Australian native plants in relation to climate change (CPBR/ANBG Canberra)

Shift In Flowering Dates Of Australian Plants Related To Climate: 1983-2006 Keatley M.R. and I.L. Hudson, in Proceedings of the International Congress on Modelling and Simulation in New Zealand on 10-13 December 2007

The Impacts and Management Implications of Climate Change for the Australian Government's Protected Areas (March 2008), includes a section on botanic gardens, links to Word or PDF version.

Sites or articles of relevance to biodiversity conservation

Assisted Colonization and Rapid Climate Change Hoegh-Guldberg et al 2008 (global) [PDF]

Human caused climate change - key threatening process declaration  (NSW NPWS)

Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity in Australia (DEH Aust)

Potential Effects of Global Warming on the Biota of the Australian Alps (DEH Aust)

Climate Change and Nature - Adapting to the Future (IUCN) [PDF]

No Place to Hide: the effect of climate change on protected areas (WWF) [PDF]

Buying Time: a user's manual for building resistance and resiliance to climate change in natural systems (WWF) [PDF]


Climate Change and Botanic Gardens (ANBG Library)
(a detailed listing with comments)

Conferences, workshops etc


Free Publications

Managing Climate Variability Program
R. Nelson, (2006) PB061083, Land & Water Australia
Helping Australian manage climate risk; better seasonal forecasts; accessible climate knowledge and tools - for farmers and natural resource managers.
(order by phone: (02) 6293 8383 or Freecall: 1800 776 616)


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