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'Non-plant' Photos in the ANBG Collection


The Australian National Botanic Gardens has built up a collection of photos depicting a wide range of habitats, vegetation types, horticultural resources, people and images relevant to the history of the Gardens.
A more complex search can be made.

Use this link to search for photos illustrating Australian vegetation.

Use a separate search to find photos of plant species - also a search by plant family.

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Query by value
(% = wildcard, e.g. Rut% lepto%; ! = not, e.g. !ACT;
most fields are case sensitive)
PHOTOGRAPH The image will display if it has been digitised
Photo Class An alphabetical code, part of the image identifier
Photo No A number which is part of the image identifier
Assigned Title ANBG's title
Creators Title Photographer's title
Restrictions Restrictions on use of photo, for internal use
Where Taken
Photographer Who took the photo, use:  Surname%
Date Taken year-month-day, ie. 17 May 2009 = 2009-05-17
Donor Who donated the photo
Copyright Anbg The ANBG-CPBR owns copyright
Photographer Anbg The photographer owns copyright, assigned to ANBG
Other Other copyright restrictions apply, refer to file
Use + followed by key words separated by commas,
ie. + vine, buttress    returns photos of vine plus buttress
replace + with comma to get either vines or buttress
Photo Cd Id For internal use only
Cd Photo Id For internal use only

© Copyright applies to photos on this site.

How to use the non-plant photo search for the ANBG Photo Collection

  • Enter query in boxes on the right.
  • The tick-boxes on the left determine what will be displayed.
  • The boxes in the centre column can be numbered to show the display order.
  • No fields are mandatory but please exercise care in the structure of queries and the use of wildcards to avoid excessively large reports.
  • Date is: year-month-day ie. 17 May 2009 = 2009-05-17, the digit wildcard is an underscore, ie decade 1970s = 197_%
  • Photos that show ANBG Sections can be found by putting in 'Assigned Title' the value %Sect.174,% for Section 174
  • Key words should be preceded by a + symbol and separated by commas if a combination of key words is wanted
  • Key words should be preceded by and separated by commas if any of the the key words are wanted
      ie   + rainforest, creek     returns photo records for a creek in rainforest, both are key words
      ie    , vine, liana       returns photo records where vine and/or liana have been used as key words
  • Not all 35mm slides have been digitised, so entries without thumbnails might appear on screen.
  • To restrict your search to digitized photos only, put a % (ie wildcard) in right-hand box of 'Photo Cd id' at bottom

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