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Aboriginal uses of native plants

Australia's early botanical history

  • Some illustrated notes on the collecting activities of Banks & Solander in 1770 and Robert Brown 1801-03.

Plant collectors and illustrators

  • Alphabetical tables of all known plant collectors and illustrators for Australia from 1770 to 1888, with links to biographical notes and portraits. Maintained in conjunction with CHAH.

Botanic Gardens in Australia

History of Australian native horticulture

  • A place to record the stories about bringing Australian plants into popular horticulture.

Floral Emblems of Australia

  • The State, Territory and National floral emblems with illustrations and history of declaration.

Australian plants on postage stamps

  • Every Australian postage stamp featuring Australian native plants, with dates and artist/designers.

Australian plants in early sheet music

  • Examples from the National Library of Australia.

Christmas flowers

  • Some Australian background information and history.

Wattle 'nymphs' !

  • Art photography from 1921.

The Waratah as an art motif

  • Examples from the early 1900's.

Australian Botanical Art book

  • The history of botanical illustration in Australia.

Artist in Residence

  • A project at the ANBG 2004-05

Botanical art


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