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Date of issue: 8 August 2005
Designer: Lisa Christensen

Engraver: Australia Post Design Studio

Plant: Adansonia gregorii


Boab, Baobab
Tree to 14 m high with huge swollen bottle-like trunk on aging. Deciduous palmate leaves, each leaflet to 13 cm. Bears large white flowers with fluffy prominent anthers and large ball-like fruits to 10 cm diameter. Distribution: WA, NT.

Propagation From seed or from cuttings. Cuttings may be made by cutting mature branches of up to 30 cm diameter and placing them in their final planting position. They should be prevented from drying out until they are established.

Cultivation Grows well in northern areas, quickly at first, then slower. Fine specimen in Darwin Botanic Gardens. Should be tried in Brisbane and other frost free sub-tropical areas. Flesh within fruits is edible and has a sherbet­-like tang. The large fruits are often carved and sold as tourist novelties.

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