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Banksia cuneata stamp painted by Celia Rosser

Date of issue: 20 February 2018
Designer: Jo Mure, Australia Post Design Studio
Printer: RA Printing

This is one of a series of four Banksia stamps based on the paintings of Celia Rosser.

Plant: Banksia cuneata


Common-name: Matchstick Banksia

The specific name is from the Latin 'cuneatus' meaning wedge-shaped, referring to the leaves.
It is a shrub or small tree to 5 m with pink-cream flower-heads that don't look like a typical banksia.
It is a fast-growing spindly plant, prone to wind damage in un-protected sites. It has been grown
in sandy gravelly loam and on sand dunes. The top quarter of the plant can be pruned for a more compact shape.
Distribution: Western Australia, between Brookton and Bruce Rock.


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