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Date of issue: 1996
Designer: Susan Horvath
Artist: Margaret Preston

Plant: Banksia prionotes (?)


Acorn Banksia
A shrub or small tree to 10m high.
Head of tightly grouped flowers, 10-15 cm long.
Unopened flower buds at top of head are cream coloured.
Flowers open from bottom of head, orange and brush-like.
Occurs in south-western Western Australia.

Margaret Preston (1875-1963) is one of Australia's best known artists.
She was very influential during the 1920's - 1940's, especially as a print-maker.
This woodblock print is from c.1929.
Orignial size: 42.2 x 38 cm.
Called 'West Australian banksia', the species identification is conjectural.

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