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What is a lichen?
    What's not a lichen

Form and structure
    Crustose lichens
    Reproductive structures
    Sticta and 'Dendriscocaulon'
    Schneider's book

Lichen chemistry
   Chemistry and taxonomy
   Chemistry in the 1860s
   Chemistry after the 1860s

    Lichens, vertebrates and invertebrates
    Lichens and plants
    Soil Crusts
    Foliicolous lichens
    Vitricolous lichens
    Unusual Substrates
    Vagrant lichens
        Habitats - arid
        Habitats - microhabitats
        Habitats - Urban, in Canberra
    Pollution and lichens

Reproduction & dispersal
    Propagule dispersal
    Sexual vs. vegetative



    Xanthoparmelia taxonomy


Lichen biogeography
    Distribution patterns
    Taxonomic levels
    Lichens in Australia
        Endemic to Australia
    Australia and elsewhere
    Fuscopannaria distribution

History of Australian lichenology
    The First Century
    After First Century
    Rex Filson

Lichens and People
    Dyeing with lichens

Case studies (many pages)

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