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Date of issue: 13 August 2013
Designer: Jo Mure, Australia Post Design Studio
Printer: RA Print (McKellar Renown)

Plant: Nepenthes rowaniae

(the correct spelling of the species name under the rules of botanical nomenclature
is "rowaniae" ending in "niae" rather than "nae")


Rowan's Pitcher Plant

There are currently three species of Nepenthes recognised as native to Australia,
but world-wide there are about 90 species, mostly in the Asia-Pacific region.
They are insectivorous plants with leaves modified at their ends to form a pitcher.
Many are now being brought into cultivation.
Nepenthes rowaniae
pitchers are very variable in colour and form, but the leaf and flower characters are quite consistent.
The species is named after the wild-flower painter Ellis Rowan.


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