Australian Tropical Rainforest Orchids

Character notes

There are 51 characters included in the key, pertaining to vegetative, reproductive and geographic distribution. The characters we have chosen are relatively easy to assess from any reasonably intact specimen, and in conjunction with character state images and notes, are readily interpreted.

Distribution by region

Habit - general lifeform
Plant habit

Pseudobulb presence
Pseudobulb internode
Pseudobulb shape
Pseudobulb surface
Pseudobulb cross section
Pseudobulb length
Pseudobulb width

Leaf presence
Leaf number
Leaf placement
Leaf attitude
Leaf surface

Leaves central white stripe
Leaf - upper surface colour
Leaf - lower surface colour
Leaf shape
Leaf blade length
Leaf blade width
Leaf apex
Leaf margins


Flowering time
Inflorescence type
Inflorescence position
Flower number per inflorescence
Number of open flowers (per inflorescence)
Flower attitude
Flower resupination
Flowers in pairs (on one short peduncle)
Flower longevity
Flower shape
Flower colour (main colour)
Flower colour patterns
Flower with spur, pouch or mentum
Hairs present on flower parts
Lateral sepal unification
Lateral sepal attached to column foot
Petal relative width to dorsal sepal
Petals spiraled/twisted
Petal segmentation (lobing)
Labellum length-dorsal sepal
Labellum segmentation (lobing)
Labellum margins
Labellum ornamentation
Labellum gland/calli colour
Labellum hairs
Column foot

Ovary hairs
Fruit orientation